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Alunar R100 Assembled 3D Printer

Alunar R100 Assembled 3D Printer

Product Review (submitted on August 8, 2017):
Product was dead on arrival. Called Alunar support. Performed troubleshooting. Tech believed it to be a bad control board. Emailed Alunar customer service and reported techs findings. I decided to perform some additional troubleshooting while the printer was open. I found that the power switch was not working correctly. I took it apart and repaired it (cheap switch). Printer powered up. Emailed support back that I got it working.

After calibrating the printer, I got it to start printing correctly. I am still learning, but it seems to be a good printer for the price. I would recommend ordering filament at the same time you order the printer. The amount that comes with the printer is not enough to do much with it. I would also buy painters tape as the tape on the printer started tearing after a few prints.