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Alunar R100 Assembled 3D Printer

Alunar R100 Assembled 3D Printer

Product Review (submitted on July 20, 2017):
I normally am very slow at making purchase decisions. However, a blogger I trust obtained this printer as a second for him. He spoke very highly of the printer. So I started looking everywhere for reviews. Essentially every review was very positive. In addition, the price is surprising. So in 24 hours I bought.
The printer came with so little filament that I could not print the whole of the supplied model. I ordered PLA and ABS filament. The ABS will be a serious challenge for me (it really shrinks) but the PLA has been making great prints. I'm making cases to hold a number of my projects and they've all come out great. Where small surgery is needed, a hot knife is very helpful.
With PLA, I use masking tape on the bed coated with white glue. The heated bed dries the glue quickly and prints both stick to completion then come up nicely. I use the supplied Cura program to render STL files into gcode. The program works well.
Everything positive said in the various reviews is true. This is a very solidly built printer which is accurate right out of the box. It produces very nice prints (up to 100 x 100 x 100 mm ... i.e. not big).
My recommendation: High.