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Alunar M508 DIY 3D Printer

Alunar M508 DIY 3D Printer

Product Review (submitted on July 11, 2017):
I did a lot shopping before ordering this printer. I was ready to pay several times more than the price of this printer, but after seeing some reviews, I thought this would do most of what I expected to print. I believe I made a good choice. The printer is easy to use and works well. I did a rough level of the build platform, initially, and fine tuned it after a couple test prints. I haven't had to level again. I scratched the masking tape that covered the build platform and replaced it with strips of 1-3/8 inch blue painter tape. That has worked well. If a strip becomes worn, I just replace the strip, rather than replacing the entire surface and I haven't had any problems. I find that it is easier to remove a project from the platform if I print a raft with the model (a raft is a thin layer of material between the model and the platform). It is easier to get a tool under the raft to release the model and the raft is easily separated from the model. I have used PLA filament from two manufacturers for all printing. The two types print at different temperatures (180 and 205) and both work well. I design most of my projects using Sketchup or openSCAD but have also downloaded and modified some models from thingiverse. Two software packages are provided with the printer but I have only used the provided Cura software. So far, it has done everything I needed to do and it is easy to use. I've printed knobs, motor mounts, Arduino boxes, battery holders, coffee scoops, scroll saw lamp shade and more.