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Alunar R100 Assembled 3D Printer

Alunar R100 Assembled 3D Printer

Product Review (submitted on May 23, 2017):
I initially left a very good review. It IS a very good printer. For the price, it is the best printer. I dropped it by one star because of an issue that I have not been able resolve.

I have gotten some fantastic prints from the Alunar select mini. Very good quality prints come out of this thing. The only problem is that those good quality prints only happen on a very tiny scale. I believe the problem may have to do with slight bends, or warping in the metal hot plate. They are too slight to see with my eyes, but I can not get it to measure out straight like I can with my other printer that has a glass bed. Obviously the solution is to get a glass bed, which I am ordering now. But the printer is not allowing me to print the z stopper upgrade to allow for the added height once I get the plate. It is a small piece, but the printer is not even allowing me to work with those small lenghts.

Before someone says I should print it from my other printer; the other printer is one I built before hand that has other issues that I did not understand. This printer has a large customer community that the one I built does not, so once I figured out what I was doing from this one in order to print things, I understood the problems with my other one when it still would not print right. The one I built needs a better gear, which I ordered from china, and then realized I ordered too large of a gear once I got it about a month later. Also, I think the throat on that extruder may be part of the problem for the clogs it gets. What ever the problems are with my other one, it will cost more money to figure it out that I would rather just deal with this one at the moment because the prints of the mini are fine until certain x & y lengths, and the slight bends exist in the bed, so it seems like a cheap fix.

I am pretty sure that I just need that one part, but can not find it. Please help.