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Alunar Return Process

Here's a breakdown of our policy on returning items: Within a 7 day period since you physically received your printer (in accordance with the tracking information provided with your order) we will accept your return.

If the problem is not related to quality or functionality (i.e. it won't turn on/off, has a defective display/wiring), all buyers will need to pay any return shipping costs from a direct shipping company (like UPS or FedEx) to our warehouse from your home and we will charge 10% of the total amount for repacking. We also request that you return the product in the original packaging with a receipt of purchase.

Return Procedure

You will receive your refund through your debit or credit card as soon as we've received the product and can ensure that it's in good condition. As long as you return the product within one week (7 days), we have no problems returning your money to you as long as the reason for your request is reasonable.

Unfortunately, there are some conditions in which we will not accept returns
  • -Any product returned over a seven day period.
  • -If the Printer has been used or shows signs of use and works as promised.
  • - If you are damaged spare parts in the assembly of the printer.
  • -If we've improved our item, and you wish to return yours, we cannot accept your return (typically the prices are higher).

If you insist on returning your package after the 7 day return policy, there are a few stipulations. Customers will need to pay a delayed return fee, in accordance to the following policy:

  • -Within a month of the original week period and your purchase is in good condition: 20% delay fee
  • -Over one month late but less than three months past return period (and if the printer is unused): 40% delay fee. If the printer is used, we take between 50 and 70% of the purchase cost of the Printer, based on the condition in which we receive it.
  • -If you hold the printer for more than three months, but within six, we'll refund 20% of a printer that works well.


1. We cannot accept printers that have been purchased over a half a year ago whether you've used the printer or not. We apologize for the inconvenience.
2. Alunar retains the right to the terms and conditions of the return policy, and retains all rights to change or modify the terms of the policy at any time.