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3D Printer – Alunar Premium Warranty

We follow strict development guidelines and quality standards and we fully stand behind our products. If you ever do have and issue with your unit we will resolve it quickly with our unbeatable customer service. We offer a 1 year extensive warranty on every 3D printer we carry. Buy with confidence, buy Alunar.


Warranty Procedure




If the printer has been tampered with or it is found that the damage is caused by the customer, there will be a repair fee associated with the return of your product. If the warranty seal is broken without our consent, your warranty becomes null and void. If damage has been caused by abnormal use, neglect (such as dripping water), wrong input voltage, dropping or breaking the printer, etc, the warranty is void. Warranty coverage is ultimately left to the discretion of Alunar. We reserve the right to refuse warranty repair or replacement service to anyone.

Printer Repairs


For minor repairs such as a power supply and display board replacement, please contact us with a picture of the underneath side of the printer with the unit on “Showing the printers are on”.


We offer two solutions:


           1. Work with us online to diagnose the issue and allow us to send free replacement parts
           2. Send us your 3D printer to our repair center and we can resolve the issue for you.

Warranty Replacement


In the event that the new replacement part does not correct the problem, or there is a more complex problem, the printer will be replaced. As for the replacement, we will send you a return label and RMA to ship the defective product back, and after it has been received we will send out a new replacement unit to you. The defective unit must be returned in its original packaging and box. If any part is missing or damaged, the sender will be charged additional fees for those parts or blemishes.

Shipping Damage On Arrival


Before you sign for your package, you need to verify that the printer is in good condition. If the printer was damaged in shipping, you need to help us by filing a claim of negligence against the shipping company and get it returned to us by refusing to sign for the printer. Once we get the damaged printer, we will reship a new unit to you. If it is only a small problem, you can sign it, and we will give you some refund 30~50USD or we can give you some discount (5%~10%) on your next order.

Specifics of warranty procedures


We are only responsible for problems that arise through no fault on your part. If any problem should arise, please email us or call us first. We will provide you with instructions on how to proceed. Please do not open the printer without our permission. Because we are in China, our service would be different from your local service shop. Please take note of that.


The following are some details:


1. Power supply, fans. VDE, power cord, Extruder, etc. We can ship new replacement parts to you at no charge, or simply send the printer to our repair center and we will professional replace the failing part. The first half year we ship the replacement parts to you at no charge, the second half year, we give you replacement part at no charge, but you will need to pay the shipping charges.

2. If you cannot determine the problem, please ship the printer back to us and we will repair it. The first 1 months, we cover the shipping & repair charge. The first half year (more than 1month) you will be responsible for shipping charges to the repair center; The second half year, you will be responsible for the shipping to/from repair center, repair charge and additional parts if needed.

World Wide Service Centers:


USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic

If you have any issues with your product simply email us We will respond within 24 Business hours.

First Half Year Warranty


Printer warranty (from the tracking delivery date), under normal use.

A: If you have any issues within 1 months under normal use, we will send you the replacement parts OR return it to our service center (we will cover the shipping fee to/from our service center) . we will cover the repair charge (if no replacement parts needed)

B: After 1 months and less than half year, if the printer has problem and you do not choose fix the printer in house, you will be responsible for shipping charges to the service center (we will cover the return shipping fee), we will cover the repair charge (if no replacement parts needed)

Second Half Year Warranty


During your second year we can offer any parts needed to repair your printer. So you can choose to have your printer repaired at one of our service centers, however you will be responsible for the shipping charge to/from, repair charges, and additional parts if needed.

If additional parts are needed you may have to purchase additional parts/shipping depending on the case.

Post Warranty Service & parts


After your warranty has expired your welcome to send your printer in for repairs or purchase parts from us directly. You will be responsible for the shipping and parts costs for the repair or service