What can 3D Printer do? May be new contact or want to know 3D Printer people one of the most concerned about. There are many such topics on the internet, But many topics involve a strong professional,Not very suitable for beginners to understand.

In order for you to understand the use of 3D Printer, The Alunar team here shares a friend's experience with 3D Printer usage, She's not a professional, Just a 3D Printing fan.

The following six parts are some of her experience in using 3D Printer, and we hope to help you:

Part 1 - What changes have taken place in life after having 3D Printer?

1. There are a lot of special and beautiful decorations at home

(because it is cheap to print!)

Vase - I really like this vase. I print it with PLA. It looks just like the texture of the ceramic! The important thing is that it's cheap.

3d model vase

Lampshade - The following are printed out!

3d printing works show 1 3d printing works show 1 3d printing works show 1 3d printing works show 1 3d printing works show 1 3d printing works show 1

Flowerpot - A variety of cute and practical prints can be made!

2. Always find some very cool things

And you can do it yourself, found some 3D model online, print up very cool things, People who don't have printers can't do it easily,And with the 3D printer, you can do it anytime and anywhere.

Such as translucent relief. In the light of the situation, because the material thickness of the different levels, a seemingly ordinary small card can be turned into a picture. Like this:

translucent relief

After the 3D printer, I can make my favorite pictures and photos into a beautiful and mysterious entity.

And spherical projection. This is when I visit the model website, I see the great God made abroad:

Turn the pictures into pixels

Turn the pictures into pixels on the sphere and then project them on the wall. Knowing that 3D printing can be played like this, I'm excited to find ways to make it, and don't worry, I can't do it even if I know the method. (the model has been exported, and is about to print it!)

And the maze:

the maze

3. Don't Worry Anything About Gifts

When the technology was not clear, I always worry about what I should send to my friend, That conform to not conventional pattern, Always make friends feel fresh and pleasantly surprised.(of course, if you're rich, it's not hard to find.)

My friend especially liked Batman, so I printed him a Batman lantern on his cell phone. Let him call Batman anytime and anywhere (actually, I think he wants this from me, so I'm going to make fun of his girlfriend)

. Batman lantern

Boyfriend bought a Apple Watch and wanted a charging stand, and I threw him a model site for him to choose, and finally he chose a retro TV set with a triangular support. triangular support

triangular support2

Boyfriend special love (Harry Porter grew up watching it from under, so I gave him) to print a deathly hallows necklace: deathly hallows necklace

4. in the absence of some small equipment

the first reaction is, I go back to print with 3D printer. For example, camera frames, cell phone shells, cell phones, stents, and the like.

5. you can do some personal changes in others and print it out.

Part 2 - The Recommended Model Site


Assembled a large number of 3D print enthusiasts, And they are happy to publish their own models at Thingiverse, So there are all kinds of things on it, A model of fine or exotic beauty, It can be described as the originator of model website. You can see the design of ultra multi excellent on it(of course, there are many copies that are difficult to print.).


The site focuses on some of the projects that combine 3D printing with intelligent hardware,The site focuses on some of the projects that combine 3D printing with intelligent hardware,It will teach you step-by-step steps to do something.So the models above are more of a model related to intelligent hardware.If you are a creative or intelligent hardware enthusiast,Then you can find a lot of ideas and Inspiration on it.


Pinshape is almost like thingiverse, according to my experience, the model on the pinshape is partial to practical and cute, and Thingiverse is a bit more stylish (It's that sense of unconsciousness). One more thing, some designers will be pushed on pinshape and And allows model designers to model sales.

Part 3 - What printer do you use?

I didn't use a printer that so many people thought at least$5,000, just used an ordinary FDM printer, and that was about several hundred dollars.

Now 3D printing technology has a bottleneck, now on the market FDM 3D printer, most nozzle diameter is 0.4mm, the printing precision is 0.1mm print out will have laminated, occasionally drawing or other kinds of problems.

Actually, printing 3D models really takes time and effort. Seeing this printer first was actually because of its high value and ease of operation. After buying it, the printing effect was good, Of course, It's not perfect to have no problems.

I didn't expect it to be able to print out the perfect work, From buying 3D Printer to now about one year, also encountered a variety of problems.

The quality of the print model is actually related to the people who prints it,Because it really takes some human effort: To print out a good product, first of all, you have to find your 3D printer and print materials most suitable printing temperature, layer thickness and velocity etc., this parameter can refer to the original manufacturers, then according to their own slowly adjust print.

Since I use so long experience, if is the Beginner or just about I use level, recommend the alunar 3D printer, it is relatively cheap, and print quality is also good, very suitable for Beginner to use. Good personal use, saying it's the Best home 3D Printer is also appropriate.

Part 4 - How Long does it cost to Print?

Slightly understand 3D printing people almost know, that If you want to make a complex model, the time spent will be too much, but in fact the printing speed is slower, the printing precision is high (of course, the printing speed is too slow, can also cause some other problems), print time is longer too.

3D printing really takes time, and it often takes a long time to print a particularly complicated (cool) model. For example, I print out the mushroom cloud lamp (plus support), print for nearly 43 hours, but after the demolition print support, bottom surface grinding and so on, so to make a complete product you need to be very patient.

Of course, although it's been a long wait, you can do everything else while you're working on a 3D printer, and don't keep it all the time.

Also, not print on the end of the end, as mentioned above, there is a layer of print lines, sometimes print something out of a small rugged, but re printed once is too much trouble, so I want to model the "perfect", but also need to model some grinding, polishing, coloring such as post processing.

See here...... Are those people who want to buy 3D printers do not want to buy now?...... ust finished product out can still have a great sense of achievement, and some models, because the design reason, itself is very suitable for 3D printing (for example the first vase, I printed 17cm high, is not large, the material cost about 1 dollars, no accurate count), the materials used are not so much. Without what, printing effect is super good.

suitalbe for 3d printing

Part 5 - What Print Material do you use?

I usually use the PLA (white PLA is my favorite), I think it non-toxic, good flow, and texture is good. ABS, though harder, is too brittle, and ductility is not as good as PLA. Sometimes flexible material TUP is used to print something that can be pinched, such as printing a doll:
printing a doll

Part 6 - How to learn 3D modeling?

Actually, I'm not good at 3D modeling,Just know some basic 123D or something, And what high-end models can not be built, I downloaded it or printed it with the model of an understanding designer......

But if you really want to learn, you can recommend that you use some basic modeling software first,There are many tutorials on the web, More suitable for beginners tutorials to use, 123D, SketchUp, and so on,Find a tutorial.Then slowly use advanced software,Technology will slowly improve (Many of the people I know learn this way).