fdm technology in 3d printing

FDM is the abbreviation of "Fused Deposition Modeling", The utility model relates to a method for heating, melting and stacking various kinds of filament materials((such as engineering plastics ABS, polycarbonate PC, etc.).

Working Principle of FDM

Working principle of FDM

The heating nozzle is under the control of the computer, According to sectional contour information of product parts, For plane motion in X-Y, The thermoplastic filamentary material is fed from the wire feeder to the hot melt nozzle, Heat and melt into a half liquid in a showerhead,Then squeeze it out, Selectively coated on the worktable, After rapid cooling form a thin outline of about 0.127mm thickness. After the completion of a layer of forming, the table dropped to a certain height, And then the next layer of cladding, It looks like a layer of "painted" cross sections. So cycle,Eventually forming three-dimensional product parts.

Advantages of FDM Technology

  • 1.Low cost. The FDM technology replaces the laser with a liquid substitute, which has low equipment cost, high utilization efficiency of raw material and no poisonous gas or chemical pollution, which greatly reduces the cost.
  • 2.The use of water-soluble support materials, so that the removal of the stent structure is simple and easy to quickly build complex internal cavity, hollow parts, and once forming assembly structure.
  • 3.Raw materials are provided in the form of material rolls, easy to handle and quick to change.
  • 4.You can choose a variety of materials, such as a variety of colors of engineering plastics, ABS, PC, PPS and medical ABS.
  • 5.The raw material in the molding process without chemical change, the warpage of the workpiece is small.
  • 6.A prototype part made of wax can be used directly in investment casting.

Disadvantages of FDM Technology

  • 1.The surface of the prototype has obvious stripes, forming accuracy is relatively low, the highest accuracy of 0.127mm.
  • 2.Along the vertical axis of the strength of the strong.
  • 3.The design and fabrication of support structures are needed.
  • 4.It needs scanning and coating the whole section, forming time is longer, molding speed is about 7% slower than SLA.
  • 5.The price of filament materials is not very cheap.

Alunar FDM 3D Printer

Alunar all 3d printer technical support by FDM technology, It's best home 3d printer which is very suitable for personal home use, Alunar have two types, One is do-it-yourself DIY 3D Printer, and another is Assembled 3d printer that doesn't need any assembly. Generally speaking, alunar diy 3d printer is much lower in price than the Assembled 3d printer on the same function, and the printing size is relatively larger, but the stability is relatively lower.

FDM 3D Printer Filament

FDM 3D printer Filament

Filament is flowing in the FDM 3D printer body blood, 3D printing finished products are hot Filament after the layered overlay. There are many kinds of Filament rod based on FDM forming technology, such as ABS, PLA and so on.

FDM molding technology has many filament´╝îsuch as ABS, PLA, nylon, wood, and even food. As time goes on, more and more 3D printers begin to join in the manufacture of filament. Compared to the universal filament manufacturer, the 3D printer manufacturer's filament is more suitable for the 3D printer produced by the manufacturer. Most of the filaments have two specifications in diameter 1.75mm and 3.0mm.

FDM 3D Printing Application Areas

FDM 3D printing application areas

FDM has its unique advantages over traditional methods. First of all, fine mechanical parts can be made.Second, the production of printed matter can reduce production costs to some extent. As the 3d printer price is getting lower and lower, the printing cost also is getting lower and lower, the operation is more and more simple and so on, the 3D printer based on FDM forming technology is more and more accepted by the consumers.

FDM(fused deposition molding) is one of the 3D printing technologies, It has an important place in the field of 3D printing. FDM forming technology mainly relies on the movement of print head and print platform to realize the construction of 3D model.Throughout the 3D printing process, filament plays an important role,Is a component of the entire print model.About FDM 3D printers have a wide range of applications, and they are constantly breaking through their limitations,More possibilities are realized in more and wider areas.