Enrico Dini

3D Printers is a named Enrico Dini is a kind of magical printer design inventors, it not only can "print" a complete building, even the astronauts needed to print any items in the space shuttle in shape. Today, it is widely used in aerospace, music, music, medical, cultural, industrial, construction, manufacturing, food and other industries.

Traditional printers can only print flat words or images, and 3D printing is the ability to print solid objects. In fact, this is just a statement, 3D printing strict should be called three-dimensional forming technology.

3D Printer to Print

The original production model or processed products, can only use subtraction, not is the removal of material in raw materials such as cars, milling, planing, milling, developed later, with CNC machining center technology, can be carved molding parts so that you can complete the complex shape of the model or product. But this will produce a lot of waste, in many cases, waste more than the last parts, time-consuming, laborious, inefficient.

The traditional injection molding or die is also useful for the manufacture of plastic and metal parts, and cutting production, the efficiency is very high, but the mold production cost is very high, suitable for mass production of finished products, the production model or small batch will not economic.

3D printing is to add, and slowly accumulate the raw material into the desired product or model. There is no scrap, just a little sanding. You can always change the shape, just change the 3D map. Therefore, 3D printing is more suitable for making models or other individual or small batch products.

About Alunar 3D Printer

Alunar 3D Printer Activity

Alunar 3D Printers are using FDM technology, Home use desktop printers, Have two types: DIY 3D Printer and Assembled 3D Printer. Much suitable for personal use especially for 3d printer beginners, for the DIY 3D Printer can cultivate your ability also allows you to better understand the working principle of 3D Printer. if you fear of the trouble also can consider the Assembled 3D Printer, can be directly used. A variety of print sizes basically meet all your needs, and factory direct mode will cheap for you.

To print out your ideas, your vision is no longer confined to the front. The world is not only near, but also infinite possibilities. Alunar 3D printer quickly carves the beauty you want, so that the world in front of you is bigger and richer. Imagination will be the only limit to your world from now on.