Additive Manufacturing technology is a method of manufacturing solid parts by gradually adding materials. Compared with the traditional material removal - cutting technology, it is a "bottom-up" manufacturing method. In the past twenty years, Additive Manufacturing technology has made rapid development, the "Rapid prototyping", "3D Printing" "and "Solid Free-form Fabrication" and so on, so from different aspects of the expression of the characteristics of this technology.

3D Printer use Additive Manufacturing technology

Additive Manufacturing technology is based on discrete accumulation principle,The scientific and technological system for directly manufacturing parts by means of three-dimensional data of parts.Based on different classification principles and ways of understanding, Additive Manufacturing technology also have "apid prototyping", "rapid prototyping", "rapid manufacturing", "3D printing" , etc. Multiple names.Its connotation is still deepening,Extensions are also expanding,What is said here is "made of wood", which is of the same meaning as "rapid prototyping" and "rapid manufacturing".

Classification of the Additive Manufacturing

Authoritative experts have proposed the concept of "generalized" and "narrow" additive manufacturing. The "narrow sense" additive manufacturing refers to the technical system of different energy source and CAD/CAM technology.And "generalized" additive manufacturing is based on the material accumulation as the basic feature, in order to directly manufacture the parts as the target of the large category technical group.If it is classified according to the type and mode of processing materials, it can be divided into metal forming, non-metal forming and biological material forming.

Then what specific technologies are used for Additive Manufacturing?

3D Model utilization Additive Manufacturing technology

1.The control technology of material unit.

The physical and chemical changes that how to control the material element in the stack is a problem, such as direct metal forming, micro laser melting molten pool size and atmosphere control precision and performance directly influence the parts manufacturing.

2.The equipment re coating technology.

The automatic coating is the necessary process of material accumulation, and the coating process determines the accuracy and quality of the parts in the accumulative direction. The development of delamination thickness to 0.01mm, controlling the smaller thickness and stability is the key to improve the accuracy and reduce the surface roughness.

3.Efficient manufacturing technology.

Increasing material manufacturing technology development in manufacturing components to large size, such as metal laser direct manufacture of titanium alloy on the plane Hun frame structure, frame length up to 6m Hun structure, production time is too long, how to realize the multi beam laser synchronous manufacturing, improve manufacturing efficiency, ensure consistency and synchronization between the increasing material manufacturing organization with regional quality is the difficulty of the development.
In addition, in order to improve the efficiency, it is also the development direction and key technology to combine material manufacturing with traditional cutting manufacturing, develop material accumulation manufacturing and material removal manufacturing composite manufacturing technology.

Additive Manufacturing advantage

Additive Manufacturing technology does not require the traditional tools and fixtures and a plurality of processing procedures, a device can produce arbitrarily complex shape parts quickly and precisely, so as to realize the "free parts manufacturing", solve the forming many complex structural components, and greatly reduce the processing, shorten the processing cycle. Moreover, the more complex the product structure, the more significant its manufacturing speed is.