Today's 3D mainly refers to the computer / Internet based digital 3D/ 3D / stereoscopic technology, that is, three-dimensional digitization. In recent years, hot 3D stereoscopic movies, such as Afanda, are produced using 3D technology. At present, 3D film technology has developed more mature, and go to the cinema, almost always can see a 3D movie is on show.But, if you put the 3D and printer this well-known concept together to form a 3D printer, have you ever heard of it?

Alunar M608 3D Printer is in print

The general principle of 3D printers is really not complicated:

First of all, the information is converted into 3D data, and then cut into layers. The material used in printing is powder, not paper.This powder layers are special glue glue together, in accordance with the cross section of different patterns of curing, and superimposed layers, create three-dimensional entity like the cake as a final will complete items in powder groove forming.Say this is a simple point tomography inverse process tomography is something "cut" into the stack of countless films, 3D printing is a printing, and then superimposed together, become a three-dimensional object.In this way, the electronic model of the computer becomes a physical object. In theory, items that can be displayed in digital 3D graphics on the computer can be actually printed through the 3D printer.

3D printer to print out items can make you feel the real sense of the same object and non printing, Like what happens only in the magical world, Now it really exists in our world.

So, let's start a print, what do we need to prepare, model, 3D software, or 3D printer? Yes, these are all needed. Below, we begin to explain the complete process of a 3D printing from these aspects.

Tools Needed

One Computer & One 3D Printer & Cure Software


Free model on the web

1.First, we can download a model from the 3D printed web site, in STL format.

Our alunar site is already developing the capabilities of 3D model, and there will be hundreds and thousands of model available for free download.

Available model files

2.Of course, we can also use UG, PROE, 3Dmax and other software to draw a model you like. For example, We use the plane drawn by UG, and then export the converted STL format.

UG draws the plane model

Related software, you need to go to the official website to download, alunar no resources in this regard.

Software and Printers

Use Cure software control printing

1.Cure software is used to format, adjust the size of the model, print methods, print time, and so on. Take the boat model as an example.

Print using Alunar M608 3d printer

2.Heating 3D printer nozzle, up to 200 degrees Celsius, read model files, use consumable print, and then you can start printing.

Print Job

Finished modle display

1.The printing process, 3D printer is best not to pause printing, to avoid model finished products are not smooth.

2.Print other products, 3D printers need high precision in order to play a good model, and print a finished product to spend more time. Alunar 3D Printer print higher accuracy, especially for families with printing needs of individuals. If you want to a Best Host 3D Printer Maybe alunar is a good choice.