All kinds of 3D Printer Filament

3D printing for many people, now have is not an unfamiliar words.But perhaps a lot of people are only know one, I don't know the other.3D printing materials for 3D printing is very important, to a large extent even means that the final product quality.Underneath, small make up take you learn more about the common 3D printing materials and their properties.

PLA Plastic

3D Printer PLA Plastic Materials

PLA (polylactic acid) is a new kind of biodegradable material, the use of renewable plant resources (such as corn) of starch material.Compatibility of poly (lactic acid) (PLA), biodegradable property, mechanical properties and physical properties is good, suitable for blow molding, thermoplastic, such as all kinds of processing methods, processing is convenient, can be widely applied.At the same time, it has good gloss and transparency, and good tensile strength and extension.
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ABS Plastic

3D Printer ABS Materials

ABS production is the largest, the most widely used polymer, it will be PS, SAN, properties of the BS organically unify, tough, hard, just features.ABS is A terpolymer of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene, A representative of acrylonitrile, B on behalf of butadiene, styrene S representative.
ABS plastic is not transparent, the pale ivory color appearance, non-toxic, tasteless, has excellent impact strength, good dimensional stability, chemical resistance, excellent electrical performance, wear resistance, dyeing, processing and machining are good.

Of course,In our home use of 3dprinter material,The most common are PLA and ABS.After understanding some of the features of PLA and ABS,If it's not clear how to choose,Take a look at the What Substance do 3D Printers Use to understand their respective strengths and weaknesses,In the choice of specific materials, there is a certain reference.

Engineering plastics

3D Printer Engineering Plastic Materials

Engineering plastics is used as industrial parts or the shell material of industrial plastic.Compared to other materials, both strength, impact resistance, anti-aging, hardness performance indexes such as the balance of advantage.So it is also the most widely used in 3D printing materials.Common types include industrial ABS engineering plastics material, PC material, nylon material, etc.

Photosensitive resin

3D Printer Photosensitive Resin Materials

Photosensitive resin is composed of polymer monomer and dimer beforehand, because have good liquid and instant light curing characteristics, makes liquid photosensitive resin 3D printing consumables used in high-precision products of choice for printing materials.Photosensitive resin for faster curing speed, table dry performance, product appearance smooth after forming, can present a transparent to translucent frosted.Especially the photosensitive resin has low odor, low irritating ingredients, very suitable for personal desktop 3D printing system.Common photosensitive resin, resin somos11122 somosNEXT materials material, somos19120 material and epoxy resin.

Composite gypsum powder

3D Printer Composite Gypsum Powder Materials

3D printing field in one of the materials are widely used.Made of full color sandstone object is stronger, the color 3D printed product surface with a grainy, print the grain is more noticeable items with special visual effect.Its texture is prone to damage, and shall not apply to print some often placed in the outdoor or extremely the object in the damp environment.

Rubber materials

3D Printer Rubber Plastic Materials

Level of rubber materials have a variety of characteristics of elastic material, the material of hardness, elongation at break, tensile strength and tensile strength, make it very suitable for the skid or soft surface applications.3D printing rubber products mainly include consumer electronics, medical equipment and car interior, tires, gaskets, etc.

Metal material

3D Printer Metal Materials

3D printing metal powder used by general requirements high purity, good sphericity and narrow diameter distribution, low oxygen content.At present, applied to the metal powder of 3D printing materials include titanium, cobalt chromium alloy, stainless steel and aluminum alloy material, etc., and used for printing of jewelry with precious metals such as gold and silver powder materials. Metal widespread application field of 3D printing materials, for example, petrochemical engineering, aerospace, automobile manufacturing, injection molding, light metal alloy casting, food processing, medical treatment, paper making, power industry, jewelry, fashion, etc.

Ceramic materials

3D Printer Ceramic Materials

Ceramic material has high strength, high hardness, high temperature resistant, low density, good chemical stability, corrosion resistance and other excellent features, such as in aerospace, automotive, biological industry has been widely used. 3D printing ceramic products waterproof, heat resistant (up to 600 ° C), recycled, non-toxic, but its strength is not high, can be used as the ideal cooking utensils, tableware (egg cup, bowl, plate, cup and cup mat) and candlestick, home decoration materials such as ceramic tile, vases, works of art.