3d printing used in tool

From various industries, people with different background and professional technology level in a similar way to describe, 3 d printing to help them reduce the cost, time and complexity main obstacle.

Advantage 1: manufacturing complex objects without increasing costs.

In terms of traditional manufacturing, the more complex shapes, the manufacturing cost is higher. For 3d printer to make complex shape of items cost does not increase, not to create a gorgeous shape complicated items consumes more than print a simple square time, skill, or cost. Manufacturing complex objects without increasing costs will break the traditional pricing model, and change the way we calculate the cost of manufacture.

3d printing used in medical instruments

Advantage 2: product diversification does not increase the cost.

A 3d printer can print many shapes, it can be like a craftsman to make different shapes every time. The traditional function of manufacturing equipment is less, limited to make the shape of the species.3d printing saves training mechanic or the cost of the purchase of new equipment, a 3d printer only need different digital design blueprint and a new batch of raw materials.

Advantage 3: don't need to assembly.

3d printing integrated molding can make the parts. Traditional mass production based on the assembly line, in the modern factory, the machine to produce the same parts, and then by robots or assembly workers (or even across continents).Product components, the assembly time and costs.3d printers by layered manufacturing can print at the same time a door hinge and the above form a complete set, do not need to be assembled. Omit assembly is shortened supply chains, saving on labor and transportation costs. The shorter the supply chain, the less pollution.

Advantages 4: zero time delivery.

A 3d printer can print as needed. Instant production reduces the enterprise physical inventory, the enterprise can according to customer orders to use 3d printers to create special or customized products to meet customer demand, so the new business model will be possible. If people needed items on demand production, to the nearest zero time delivery type production to minimize the cost of the long-distance transportation.

3d printing used in life

Advantage 5: design space is infinite.

Traditional manufacturing technology and artisans manufactured product shape is limited, the ability to create shape by the use of tools. Can only produce round objects, for example, the traditional wooden lathe and mill can only be processed with cutter assembly parts, moulding machine can only make molded shape.3d printers can break through these limitations, open up huge design space, it can even make may now exists only in the shape of the nature.

Advantages 6: Zero skills.

A traditional craftsman needs a few years when the apprentice to master the skills it takes to get.

Batch production and computer controlled machines reduces the demand for skills, however, the traditional manufacturing machines still need skilled professional personnel adjustment and calibration.3d printer instructions can be obtained from the design documents, doing the same complex objects, 3d printers need less operation skills than injection molding machine. Has opened up a new business model, and the skills to make and can in the remote environment or extreme cases provide a new way of production.

3d printing custom parts

Advantages of 7: does not occupy a space, a portable manufacturing.

In terms of unit production space, compared with the traditional manufacturing machines, 3d printers ability is stronger. Injection molding machine, for example, can only be made much smaller than itself, on the contrary, 3d printers can produce goods as big as the inkpad. After debugging good 3d printer to print out equipment can move freely, the printer can produce larger than themselves. High production capacity of unit space makes 3d printers suitable for home or office use, because they need little physical space.

Advantage 8: reduce waste by-products.

Compared with the traditional metal manufacturing technology, 3d printer manufacture metal produce fewer by-products. Traditional metal processing waste quantity, 90% of the metal materials are discarded in the workshop.3d printing manufacture metal waste reduction. With the progress of printing materials, forming a "net" manufacturing could become more environmentally friendly way of processing.

3d printing used in medical care

Advantages 9: Material infinite combinations.

For today's machines, different raw materials are combined into a single product is difficult, because of the traditional manufacturing machine in cutting or molding process can not easily to a variety of raw materials together. With the development of more material 3d printing technology, we have the ability to different raw materials together. Previously unable to mix raw materials mix will form new material, the material color variety, with unique attributes or functions.

Advantage 10: Entities accurate replication.

Digital music files can be copied endlessly, audio quality will not decline. In the future, 3d printing to expand digital accuracy to the physical world. Scanning and 3d printing will improve together form the resolution of the conversion between the physical world and digital world, we can scan, edit, and replication entity object, create accurate original copy or optimization. Above part advantage has been confirmed, the other will be in the future (or 30 years) in one hundred and twenty to become a reality.3d printing broke through the original familiar with a long history of traditional manufacturing limited, provides the stage for future innovation.