When it comes to the principle of 3D printing, actually also is not not complex, its operation principle and traditional printers print basically the same principle.The traditional printer is a click "print" button on the computer screen, a digital file was transferred to an inkjet printer, it will be a layer of ink onto the paper surface to form a pair of 2d image. And 3D printers will first items into a set of 3d data, then the printer to start cutting, step by step for cutting and each layer of the building, according to the level of printing.

Printing, powder materials will print one layer at a time, through the special glue for bonding between layer and layer, and according to the design of cross section will hold, and finally a layer of a layer stack up, as we sat by the lake pile with sand castle of the program, ultimately through stratified printing, layer upon layer adhesion, piled up one by one, a complete items will appear in front of our eyes.3 d printers and traditional printers, the biggest difference is that it USES the "ink" is real raw material.

3D Printer Principle

There is a wide variety in the form of a stack of thin layer.Some 3 d printers use "ink".Israel, for example, a company called Objet 3 d printer company, using the printer nozzle will be a very thin layer of liquid plastic material spraying on molding tray, and then placed in the coating process under ultraviolet light.

3D Printer Principle

After molding tray down the smallest distance, for the next layer stack up.In addition a company headquarters is located in the United States in Minneapolis Stratasys using a technique called "deposition molding", the entire process is melting plastic inside the nozzle, and then through the way of sedimentary plastic fiber to form a thin layer.

3D Printer Principle

Some systems use powder particles as print media.Powder particles were sprayed on molding tray form a very thin layer of powder layer, and then by spewing liquid adhesive curing.

It can also be used a technique called "laser sintering" fused into the specified shape.This is why Germany's EOS in the stack process manufacturing machine using the technology.The Swiss company Arcam is using vacuum electron flow in melt powder particles.The above mentioned these are just a part of the many forming method.

When holes and cantilever such complex structure, medium requires to join gels or other materials to provide support or to occupy the space.This part of the powder will not be fused, finally only to rinse with water or air support can form pore.

Now can be used in print media were varied, from various plastic to metal, ceramic and rubber.Some printers can also be combined with different media, printed object a head of hard and soft, the other end.

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